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Updated: Jun 2

For the past 6+ years in this phase of life, I have often come back, again and again, to this phrase: THINGS WILL BE AS I ONCE IMAGINED. Sometimes, it is enough to chill me out, and other times I think I have not done enough.

I am a perfectionist, a curse, and a blessing in disguise. For most, I have come so far and their pride for a moment fills me with joy. I will admit I do forget to pat myself on the back and acknowledge that I have come a long way and what I have accomplished, many that came through my path in life couldn’t. So though I have fallen many times, I have to give myself credit for what I have accomplished not only in my comebacks but in my growth mentally and spiritually, which is a huge reason that I was able to make it this far regardless of the obstacles I have faced.


It has been, at times, a guiding light that only is beyond the physical realm that most acknowledge gave me the strength and determination to strive for the life I always deserved. A life filled with unconditional love, joy, and peace, things that can not be bought. 

Yes, an easeful breath, a reminder of the role of trust and importance in well-being, a reconnection to the MOST High and his guidance in times of turmoil. All in all, it has been a life-changing experience to understand how blessed I am, grateful for sure. So know that yes it is so hard to lean into trust his timing, but it's crucial, especially in this era.


So here we are, already in the second month of the new year. Now, how many like myself had so many goals that were left untouched or procrastinated due to not knowing how to balance life chaos and daily responsibilities and couldn't reject distractions that only delay you to the point that makes you lose motivation or focus? Guilty!!!


And though we get those moments when we feel stuck and even hopeless, we still have that urge to seek that fire that once made us visualize what once we believed gave us purpose to utilize our unique gift.


So what can help you make this your year not only to continue to grow but also to break those barriers that held you back from your full potential?


Is by making a decision and creating a plan that will help you progress and avoid burnout. You know what most people are feeling by now since they went all hard on 1/1/24 and are now giving up, falling back to old habits just to do it all over again in 10 months. GUILTY AGAIN !!! 

Yes been there and done that ughh.


So if you are like me and need structure I dare you to follow my journey on a step-by-step process challenge that not only will I be reflecting on the beginning of my momprenuership but also on how to set my goals for this year to be like no other. 


So below I am going to share my 3 steps process that helped me before and would love your feedback or suggestions so don't be shy and comment below to achieve the next level.


Before I begin.


I decided to set aside 4 hours to spend on this, I will take 1 to 2 days to dedicate to this entire process, but will break it into smaller chunks on different days due to my hectic tight schedule.


Now you don't have to be as intricate as I am, everyone is different and has different lives so hopefully, you can grab ideas and twist them in a way that works best for you. I know what are my weaknesses and my strengths, and acknowledging those two factors is a must.

The most important takeaway is to create a schedule that is realistic and works best for you. Visuals will be documented in my social accounts where I will share motivation, inspirations, tips, and behind-the-scenes of my journey. So please follow me on TikTokInstagramand Facebook and subscribe to my channel on YouTube and I will follow back if you reach out. I am all about supporting in real life. 💜💜💜🙏💜


Now, I am going to create an environment to be able to focus, sometimes if needed; will get out of the house, and go to a not-so-busy coffee shop to zone out. What a perfect excuse to get some Starbucks 😉


Another important habit is to start using the "DO NOT DISTURB" feature on your cell phone, talk about how all of a sudden everyone is texting/calling you when you are about to start. And, I do make my family aware to not interrupt if is not a true emergency. (give samples to teenagers FYI lol) Now take a few minutes to do some quick follow-ups and respond only to important texts and emails, but do not and I mean do not start scrolling through social media- cuz the next thing you know an hour just passed by and it will throw your whole day off. Guilty to the FULLEST 🙄

Yes, we all know that is such a sneaker-time vampire. Now, make that coffee or pour that wine (depending on am/pm ) ☑️ , notepad ☑️ , computer ☑️ and tablet ☑️. 

And while we are on the electronics, make sure you close all unnecessary apps or tabs. Set a timer for 15 minutes to get settled and ready, then is time to leave all the emails, SM, and texts behind and get to work 🙌


However, if you need to set another timer you want to stick to, and if you like me I love to listen to my favorite chill-out music with soothing beats for focus and concentration, check out my ME TIME playlist.


NOW here is MY First Step:




So what I have been doing lately? Reflecting. It is important to allow yourself a breather and reflect on all that you have done and what could you have done differently. It is important to understand and acknowledge what is important to you now, I know that my mission and focus have changed because my wants and needs have changed. I need to remember to be gentle with myself on this whole process, especially in this step. Some goals I did not get achieved but I focus on the ones that did. And understand that there is more to me than just my goals, and most important that I am human and life is really about a journey, not a destination. 


Now what is the main goal? To find balance and take care of myself more so I can be the best version of myself both professionally and personally. So not only keep track of my business venture progress but also need to keep track of my well-being in all aspects.


So here are some categories of what is important to me and where I want to improve.



  • Food

  • Fitness

  • Mindset/Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Family Relationships/Boundaries

  • Romantic Relationship 

  • Finances

  • Career/Business

  • Purpose/Legacy/Service

  • Spirituality

  • Fun/Hobby/Passion Projects

  • Community/Social



1 – What went well this past year? What would I consider the highlights?

2 – What didn’t go well? What moments felt like my lowest points?

3 – What would I consider my top 5-10 achievements this year, whether personal or professional?

4 – What are the 3-5 things that brought me the most happiness this year? What fulfilled me and gave me energy?

5 – What are the top 3-5 things, events, interactions, or relationships that sucked my energy this year? What felt draining and triggering for me?

6 – What goals did I set over this past year that did not get accomplished? 

7 – What got in the way of me achieving my desired goals this year?

8 – Make a note of any important numbers, statistics, and other data relevant to the goals you want to accomplish. 

Second STEP :


I am going to allow the first part of this step to be a bit of a dreaming brainstorm. I am not going to worry yet about the details of HOW it will happen, simply allow myself to envision my new reality.


1 – If I could choose 3 big things to happen this year, what would they be?

2 – If I were to accomplish at least one goal in each area of my life, what would the goal be for each category? Now, of course, feel free to add categories or skip them based on what feels relevant to you!

  • Food

  • Fitness

  • Mindset/Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Family Relationship/Boundaries

  • Romantic Relationship 

  • Finances

  • Career/Business

  • Purpose/Legacy/Service

  • Spirituality

  • Fun/Hobby/Passion Projects

  • Community/Social


3 – If I were designing the perfect week, what would each day look like? Don’t worry about what your schedule is now. 

Allow yourself to dream of your perfect week and how you would spend your time. Write out a schedule and activities for each day of the week. 

4 – What professional initiatives would make this year a 10/10 kind of year?

5 – What personal activities or experiences would make this year a 10/10 kind of year?

6 – What is one long-term ( 5 years) professional and/or personal goal you want to take a step forward on this year? What might that step look like?

7 – What do you want/need to put on your “To Don’t” List? (Get inspiration from your answers to questions #2, #5, and #7 above.)

8 – How can you make more space for lightness, joy, and peace this year? And when?

9 – What needs to happen for me to unapologetically prioritize this vision next year?

Third STEP : 

Making IT REAL

YES, you can create the LIFE you ONCE imagined.

Faith is very important. And yes, "Everything is Possible for ONE who believes" Mark 9:23. (more inspiring verses) 

I deserve to have the best year yet and you too… so will be making sure to take the steps to start positive doable habits that I can be consistent with.

I think we all want to do better and I can only hope that by making this known and sharing this journey I can create a space with accountability and most importantly inspiration for not only those that are close to me but those that decide to walk in this with me. Now this is not about making resolutions but more about improving and growing as a person, I will allow you to tweak if needed or add on as things become easier to stick to. But the most important step is to start slow, stay focused, and never give up on yourself.


I also will be implementing a few guides/journals that I recently created to help me reach my goals.

  • Anxiety Breakthrough Journal I will be sharing a 65-page print-ready resource with thoughtfully designed prompts to help you navigate the complexities of anxiety, promote self-reflection, and empower your journey toward inner peace. This journal is your companion in the pursuit of understanding, managing, and ultimately hopefully conquering anxiety in the long run.

  • This is an Anxiety Journal Digital Download that can help you with Anxiety attacks when they come up. The Anxiety Journal is split into journaling prompts in 4 weeks that can be used over and over. 

  • Here you will: 

  • • Identify Triggers

  • • Common Anxiety Related Emotions

  • • Coping Mechanisms 

  • • Positive Affirmations

  • • Recognize Emotional Spectrum

  • • Recognize Emotional Responses

  • • Anxiety Navigator

  • • Challenging Negative Thoughts

  • • Tracking Progress

  • ~ and more. 💜

  • 28 Affirmation Journal where I am going to go over the next 28 days to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Within these pages, you'll find affirmations designed to act as gentle reminders of your inherent worth, resilience, and boundless potential. Each affirmation is paired with a prompt, inviting you to reflect deeply, to challenge old narratives, and to construct new, empowering stories about yourself.

  • 🔗

  • Goal Planner where I discovered a new or better way to plan and track your goals. This mega pack includes everything you need in your journey to plan and track your progress in attaining the goals you set for yourself! Set yourself up for success by breaking down your goals into 'smart' action plans and review your progress with our pack of planner pages. 


  • 🔗

  • Manifestation Journal where I discovered using a Digital Manifestation Journal is easy and efficient. Every aspect of it has been thoughtfully designed to help you reach your goals. You can set up a step-by-step process for manifesting what you desire the most. You can track your progress along the way, so you can celebrate as you continue to move closer to your dreams.

  • The Digital Manifestation Journal combines visualization methods, intentions, affirmations, and gratitude to power your manifesting journey. With this digital journal, you can effectively start manifesting your intentions, step-by-step. This perfect interactive tool will help you stay focused on your goals so that you can get from point A to point B faster and more efficiently.

  • This digital manifestation journal is the perfect companion to any manifesting practice. Whether you are starting or have been on the manifesting journey for some time, the Digital Manifestation Journal is an effective and efficient way to bring your dreams and desires to life. Get ready to start manifesting change through the power of intention. Join us on the journey today!


  • What you will Master and LEARN how to:


  • ~ Visualize & Feel

  • ~ Set Clear Intentions

  • ~ Stay Positive & Believe

  • ~ Take Inspired Action

  • ~ Reflect & Adjust

And a few more guides that are in the works.



1 – I am focusing on 3-5 GOALS for the year. It’s not naïve that I would need to leave some categories on the back burner. However, I am going to focus on the most important areas relevant to me. 

2 – Based on my end goals, I will be writing down any initial action steps or regular habits that need to be created.

3 – I am going to put those habits and action steps into my calendar/planner. I will be sharing my favorite tools that are focused on specific goals.

4 – Thought cap, can anything be delegated? Figuring out what I need support with? My daughter in my case helps me, so I will be taking advantage.

5 – Will be breaking down 3-5 goals so that I need to plan for the first 30 days for each of them. Reminder to SELF is ok to focus on 1 goal at a time and add on throughout the year. 

I will not be ashamed to repeat any habits if they’re not consistent yet, versus adding on anyway just because it’s a new month.

Instead, take inventory of what got in the way of important action steps or habits happening, make a shift, and practice again the next month!

6 – Accountability! This is exactly why I decided to go in-depth with my readers and switch my approach in my SM, I highly recommend seeking an external accountability system whether is with family or friends who also want to see you win. Remember your surroundings do impact your life, so yes be choosy.

Now, they say we are 90% more likely to achieve goals with external accountability than we are if we just think about achieving the goal and end there. So let's see.

My main focus is my health- mentally, physically and spiritually.


Now you have it! The 3 steps to reflect on 2023 and how I am planning to set my goals for 2024.

1 – Reflect

2 – Goal-Setting

3 – Make it Real

I hope you find inspiration and look forward to sharing my journey.


Mizz J.


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